The creation of this business was born from a medical diagnosis that I have always associated with death. Hearing my doctor give me this news was a complete shock to my system but I had an amazing support system. During my time of treatment and healing, I spent a significant amount of time in prayer and reflection. 

God would constantly bring me back to my childhood in Fogo, Cabo Verde. The island of Fogo is known for its massive volcano which remains active to this day.  As a child, I was always amazed by its monumental size but afraid of the power it had to leave people without food or shelter in a split second.  As I reflect on my walk with God, I realize that humans have such a simplistic view of life.  When we see volcanoes, we see destruction and despair. God, however, sees grace, regeneration, growth and renewal. The aftermath of volcanic explosions allow for a lush, richness of growth as the ash is filled with minerals that fertilize the surrounding land. The concept of an eruption also reminds me of how God prepares us for maturation in the spirit - there is usually a paradigm shift that follows an explosion. When we feel like we are at the end of ourselves, God shows us the beauty of our mess - resurrection, expansion and revival. That is what He did for me!


How amazing is our God?