Q: Why the name FOGO - For Our God Only? 

A: At FOGO, our name is deeply rooted in a personal and meaningful connection. FOGO refers to the island of Fogo in Cabo Verde, where my childhood memories and spiritual journey were profoundly shaped. FOGO is renowned for its majestic and active volcano. In choosing the name FOGO, we embrace the profound metaphor of the volcano, symbolizing transformation, growth, and the beauty that arises from adversity along with honoring the one who created it all.

Q: How does FOGO incorporate Christian themes into its designs? 

A: We infuse Christian themes into our designs through thoughtful and symbolic elements.  Each piece carries meaningful messages, scriptures, or symbols that represent our commitment to spreading the message of faith, love and positivity.

Q: Can I find products suitable for different age groups and sizes?

A: Absolutely! FOGO offers a diverse range of clothing suitable for various age groups and sizes.  We believe in inclusivity and want everyone to find something that resonates with their faith and style. 

Q: How can I stay updated on new products releases and promotions?

A: To stay in the loop on our latest releases and promotions, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media.  This way, you won't miss any updates or exclusive offers.

Q: Does FOGO contribute to charitable causes or community outreach?

A: Yes, giving back is an integral part of our mission.  FOGO is actively involved in supporting charitable causes and community outreaches programs that align with our Christian values.  We believe in making a positive impact beyond the world of fashion.

Q: Are your products only available online, or do you have a physical store?

A: Currently, FOGO operates exclusively online.  This allows us to reach a wider audience and offer our products at competitive prices.  We are, however, exploring opportunities for future physical store locations.

Q: How do I care for my FOGO clothing to ensure longevity?

A: We provide care instructions for each product to help you maintain its quality and longevity.  Following these guidelines will ensure that your FOGO clothing continues to inspire and uplift for a long time.

Q: How do the sizes run for your products?

A: Our products are designed to be true to size unless otherwise stated. To ensure the perfect fit, we recommend checking our size chart for specific measurements and guidelines. If you have any questions about sizing or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team – we're here to help!